Thursday, February 05, 2009

MKE Kre* Kamp -- I'm still here and two thoughts that I woke up with

Here's a couple things I forgot to mention that were good moments, reflections...

1. I have sat in countless meetings over the years where business leaders have urged collaborations between arts groups with their rationale being that it is cost efficient to share a copier or pack of pens. Yeah, sure, but being told that is like a sharp stick in the eye. Julia Taylor (GMC head) said something yesterday that gave me hope. She said, "Sharing an office with other people is fun. It's just more fun." The other cost efficiencies fall into line, but the fun factor is something that shouldn't be disregarded. It matters.

2. I saw written on one of our dry erase Boards: DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET RID OF THE ASSHOLES. I will only attribute it to the only partner at Michael, Best and Friedrich who sings show tunes and has Broadway musical posters decorating his office walls, but I think it's a hearty statement that isn't a bad thing to remember.

I'll be performing a skit (yeah, we are suffering through that this morning) for the rest of the "Kampers". More on that and the day later.

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Rex Winsome, AKA Ben Turk said...

by the numbers again...

1. The best cost efficiency comes from not needing a damn office in the first place.

2. i really wanna understand this assholes thing. Cuz if "getting rid of the assholes" means ignoring any criticism and singing show tunes to the mirror, that's great. it's a good thing to remember, as long as you aren't expecting anyone but your reflection to appreciate or support your show tunes.

Actually, sorry, i'm wrong. If you happen to be rich, then getting rid of the assholes is also a good way to be supported by your rich friends and family. Also, if you happen to be good at kissing rich people's asses who consider supporting you some kind of satus symbol, then it'll also work out pretty well. Also, if your showtunes happen to be apolitical and contentless (as many showtunes are) then you might also get supported by a government who's obligated to support you because your friends and family and donor base all vote and petition for it.

But, if you're interested in creating art that is appreciated as art, by strangers. Then you'd better listen close to the assholes, cuz they're the only ones that'll tell you honestly what you need to learn how to improve.