Jonathan West, My Doppledanger

You are aware that Jonathan West died, right? Well, he did on May 14, 2008 and you can read about it by going back a few days on my blog.

But, the good news is that there are still a couple of Jonathan Wests out there for the world to kick around. I know this because I look at my driver's license from time to time to remind myself that I am still Jonathan West. And, like a lightning bolt from the sky, I was just informed that there is indeed another Jonathan West (with Milwaukee roots nonetheless) who still walks the earth.

From what I can tell from his Facebook profile (he friended me, which is always so exciting) we are nothing alike. I would guess that he is a male underwear model or some other profession that requires a good six-pack set of abs. I have more hair on my back than my head and the only thing I might be asked to model is sweaters for a middle aged white guy catalog.

I haven't asked him other questions about his life. I do know that his mom and dad still live in Milwaukee, as do mine. He mentioned there professions, which are different from my parents', so I don't think there's any fear that we're twins or some crazy after school special-like plot device such as that. But it is strange that there were at least two other Jonathan Wests in Milwaukee at some period of time while I've been living here.

I wonder if we all share the same trait of being fairly horrible at math? Did the one Jonathan West and does the other Jonathan West floss as religiously as I do?

Some things are probably better left unsaid.