40 Bucks! It's like The Jerry Lewis Telethon now!

Remember when I asked you to help me raise $500 by July 31? I know you do, you're just being shy. Well, we've got $40 bucks so far. That's generosity at it's finest people.

So now, let's keep it going. My intention is to work on folding my arts blog through MKE called Artsy Schmartsy into this one in the coming days. But I need your help to do that. Right now, that means helping out with some resources. I'm asking for your cold, hard cash. But most of all, I'm asking you to spread the word.

The more the merrier in this grand little experiment. I mean, hell, we're already 8% of the way there, and it isn't even July 1 yet. I'm hoping you can help, and I'm hoping you can send your friends to my blog to lend a hand, too.

I'm gonna keep this post up and not post anything else for a few days as kind of a reminder that I can use your help with my little Chip In do hickey over to the right hand side of your computer screen. (I can feel you clicking away right now, good person that you are.)

Chip In rocks. And so do you. Thanks for helping spread the word about my blog and my need for your cold hard cash. I'll put it to great use, promise, promise, promise!