Hooters girls in training?

Last evening, I pedaled over to The Chill on The Hill sponsored by The Bay View Neighborhood Association. It's a weekly must in the summertime funning of my clan. My two-year-old daughter and my wife stayed home, while my five-year-old and I navigated our Trail-a-bike over to the Humboldt Park Band Shell. The main event last night was the Milwaukee American Legion Band. They were as tight as you can expect an American Legion Band to be, showcasing one dizzying arrangement of South Pacific tunes that was longer than the actual show.

But the opening act last night was something to behold. The Daly Debutantes threw done and bedeviled the masses. They are a good natured, wholesome hearted group of youngsters who twirl batons, grin and make old people long for the "good old days". They made me think of Hooters girls.

The leap from Daley Debutante twirling a baton for civic pride and a Hooters girl shaking her tatas for an extra tip for that order of fried clams and picture of Miller Lite is not as obtuse as you might think.

Here's the Debs. They just make you feel proud to be Irish American don't they?

Here's the Hooters girls. They just make you want to take a shower, don't they?

But a few similarities to consider:
1. Both sets of ladies smile. A lot.
2. Bot sets of ladies were nude colored tights with their "performance outfits."
3. Orange is a prominent color in the tastefully appointed outfits of the Debs and the garish trailer trash dress up of the Hooters girls.

That's proof enough for me to believe that the Debs are just some youth squad in training for the Hooters girls.

If you expected investigative journalism from me today, obviously you were out drinking last night.