Been involved in Milwaukee theatre for the past 50 years or so? Give me a holler!

I'm writing a book. And I need your help.

I've signed a deal (That sounds so "Oprah's Book Club" doesn't it?) with Arcadia Publishing to write a pictorial book on the history of Milwaukee's live theater scene over the past 50 years. This book will be part of their Images of America Series. If you've never seen one, check them out. I'm actually pictured in Martin Hintz's IRISH MILWAUKEE , in my younger, hairier headed days.

The goal of the books in this series is to give the reader a "broad strokes" glimpse into a topic through heavily captioned pictures and concise narratives. My job as the writer of this book will be to compile the story of Milwaukee's live theater scene over the past 50 years through a collection of images, condensed stories and succinct explanations. It's a thrilling project, and I could use your help.

How can you help, you're asking? Well, let me tell you. If you have photos, programs or publicity materials you would like to share relating to live theater in Milwaukee over the past half century, please contact me. Also, I would love to stick a microphone in your face to get any good stories about your time in the Milwaukee theater scene if you're so inclined to share those tawdry (okay, or inspiring) tales.

Contact me today and we can set something up. Sharing is fun. Sharing is caring. Sharing will really help me out. You're just cool if you share.