Here's what I think you should see this week!


I got one for you this week. Ribid! Ribid!!

It's summer and in other cities that means loads of theater going on. Not in Milwaukee. We're on a bit of an academic schedule when it comes to putting things on the boards. Too bad about that for now, but don't despair. Word on the streets is that Dale Gutzman over at Off The Wall Theatre has mounted a fabu production of Sondheim's THE FROGS.

Look at these mugs.

That's Karl Miller and David Flores. They are the comic headliners in this musical adaptation of Aristophanes' (yup, he was one of those play writing Greeks) play. If you were looking for cheesecake, you can bet that Miller and Flores are hiding some in their grinning cheeks. Basically the story is that Dionysos, the god of wine and fun (Flores) and his slave boy Xanthias (Miller) head to Hades because they think the world is screwed and want to find someone there to save it. They party, bump into George Bernard Shaw and William Shakespeare and deal with all those damn frogs. KING LEAR, it ain't.

THE FROGS has a storied history. It was first done in the 70's in a swimming pool at Yale (with Meryl Streep, Christopher Durang and Sigourney Weaver disappearing in the huge cast as singing spear carriers), and most recently in a floppish production starring and adapted by Nathan Lane. Gutzman and crew are using the Lane update, and I've heard buzz that this is one of the Off The Wall crew's best ventures ever.

Sounds fun, right? And look at those wide grins on Miller and Flores. That's worth it alone, right?

When and where: Now through July 27. Off The Wall Theatre, 127 E. Wells Street. For more information and tickets call 414-327-3552 or visit