Marcus Monroe juggles fire and used to hit on older ladies when I knew him

Tonight The South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center is hosting something called Evening On The Avenue. A highlight of this event is the balls-to-the-wall juggling of street performer superstar and mad man Marcus Monroe.

I was in a play with Marcus Monroe when he was nothing other than a punk ass kid. I remember he used to hit on all the older ladies in the cast (old to him being anyone over the age of 14 at the time). I think he might have even gotten some play, he's that good.

I ran into him at Summerfest a couple of years ago and was kind of knocked off my ass by what he can do now. If you have a chance, check this event out tonight.

And if you're not into juggling by an extreme prankster there will be a bouncy castle at this event. And bouncy castles are so superb.

Here's a little look into the juggling world of young Mr. Monroe.