So much to do this weekend!

Too many things to do this weekend, but I suggest these two kindly supplied by my pal Brandy Kline:

So, I've got two really great events to plug for this weekend.

First of all, Gallery Night. The Broadway Theatre Center is open for backstage tours & live entertainment on the sidewalk and in the bar. MOST exciting, perhaps, is the Installation that I co-ordinated in the Studio Theatre.

It is, as yet, untitled. The important part is that Jason Fassl has done wonderful things with a series of lights illustrating a pair of engaging compositions by Josh Schmidt. The intention is to demonstrate how theatrical lights can sculpt space and perception, in a non-traditional, yet theatrical setting. (This is my first crack at writing the Display cards tomorrow, btw- first draft...)

In any case, it's cool, well worth seeing and will only be open to the public tonight (Friday) from 5-9 and Saturday from 10-2. I'll be there all day on Saturday, so come say hi! Oh yeah- there *might* be free stuff in the bar...

Secondly, Dancemakers 2008 at UWM is this weekend. I'm stage managing that one, and it's an evening of quality entertainment, good art, and amusing performances. There's a lot of great stuff in this one. Tribal shenanigans, dreaming machines, traditional Hawaiian chant, some blues, some rock 'n' roll, and underpants dance and an attempt to reach God, to name a few.

Dancemakers runs Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm. Tickets cost something, but not too much. $15 maybe?

Also, from the lovely and talented Pegi Taylor:

Darling Hall, 601 S. 6th Street
Doors open at 8:00. Show starts at exactly 9:15

An evening of homegrown performance art for the stout of heart!
Suggested donation--$5

How I learned to floss
Pegi Taylor performs her 30-minute, high-energy monolog that premiered in LA
in April.

(pronounced Epphhh-klatch-hemeral, heavy on the spittle)
Xav LePlae, S. Buccheri, Jinnene Ross, & Peter Barrickman (featured Darling
Hall artists) in a 50-minute performative play that includes dancing in
slow-motion to Michael Jackson's Beat It, along with other miraculous feats.
The four premiered the piece at an East Coast festival in the spring.

That's for when you're not Gallery Nighting or German Festing, of course.