Three Teats Guys, my cinematic masterpiece and introducing the world to Goin' Low


Did you click SPOON?

If you did, then you are in for a treat. Hello world, my cinematic masterpiece is being shown over at Three Udders and A Studio. The screening is happening most likely because I dared them to do it, but when you see the beauty and the pathos that is SPOON you will understand why this video short made it all the way into the non juried showing of The Milwaukee Short Film Festival (which means I didn't win any prizes, and even had to pay for my own drinks at the screening back in May).

SPOON is what happens when you have good friends who are as bored as you are during a long Wisconsin winter, and one of you thinks he can write. I take the honors as the delusion writer this time, but I anticipate it will be a revolving door of blame and shame for many cold January's to come.

SPOON was shot and put together by the young genius' behind Three Udders and A Studio, the horribly named collective of brain power, limited film making insight and Mac computer ownership that is Chris Klopatek and Chase Stoeger.
I owe them tremendously for their stewardship of SPOON. Actually, come to think of it, I bought those losers a couple of tacos when we "wrapped" shooting (I'm so Hollywood), so I guess we're actually even. That is if they left the tip. If not, then they deserve what they have coming to them on judgment day.

While you're checking out SPOON (click it, go ahead, click it), I also think the Adventures of Stuart: Goin' Low saga is essential viewing. I think you'll see a common thread in the Three Cow Titties guys and the brilliance that is SPOON. Either that or you'll smell it. Either way, it's pretty clear that the three of us were meant to work together when you see all these works together.