What the...


I've now officially had enough of Brett Favre. This doesn't matter people. It doesn't matter.

Want to know about a few things that do matter?

There's an election in November.

People are still dying in Iraq.

Gas prices aren't going down.

Ben Bernacki had bad things to say about the U.S. economy.

I'm convinced that American teenagers don't understand grammar or spelling anymore as I read through some plays written by local teens (they understand creativity, just not things like commas, prepositions or participle phrases).

Americans are really fat because it costs a whole hell of a lot more to buy a really good apple and a salad than it does to buy a Big Mac.

I know that the mere mention of Brett Favre sells newspapers and spikes television ratings in our market, but really isn't this just turning into some mind blowing pissing match by organized sports and a guy who should just be sleeping on a bed of cash after spending a whole day fly fishing in a Mississippi swamp?

Sheesh. Just sheesh.