A response from the Cream Puff Promoters

This just in from The Wisconsin State Fair Organizers. I say, "It's Wisconsin State Fair Throw Down Time!" I've edited my prior post as they have requested, but this story is not over. Send your letters, grill your cheese, stuff your puff. It's going to be a dairy way between me and the Wisconsin State Fair!

Dear Jonathan,

While we appreciate your enthusiasm about the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the Cream Puff will remain the icon of the Wisconsin State Fair for many years to come. It is the longest selling item in the history of the Fair and was originally created to promote the wheat and dairy industries back in the early 1920s.

We appreciate your desire to have your followers contact the Fair however, due to the limits of our email box we would request that you only ask them to submit written request via the postal service. I would also request that you take our executive director’s phone number off of you site as we are in the midst of the Fair and our inboxes only can receive so many messages and should any of your followers decide to call and inundate his mailbox with their feedback and he is unable to receive more pressing messages it could interfere with more pressing situations.

Thank you,

Patrice Harris
Public Relations & Communications Director
Wisconsin State Fair Park