You did it! $1,000 bucks! Now on to the million dollar challenge!

Well, it happened. I raised $1,000 by July 31 with your help. Most of it was through Chip In, but a few "checks in the mail" are coming my way to make the total real. I'm humbled by your generosity. Now on to something more ridiculous that offers a possible stunning reward for some lucky Milwaukee artist.

I turn 40 on September 4, 2010. I hope to be a millionaire by then (so I can safely go to my next high school reunion and be all braggy). You can help me do that, and I will then in turn, help someone else.

If I raise $1,000,000 by September 4, 2010, I will give some Milwaukee based artist (who will have to enter their name in an eventual lottery) $100,000 of that million bucks. So, in essence, I'm asking to be a millionaire for a day and make some poor artsy gal or guy really happy for a good long while.

Chip In only lets you do events one year out, so I'm doing a chip in for $500,000 now. Then I'll change it when the year is up.

And, yes, I'm deadly serious about this. And yes, I will be back to writing about the arts and stuff as soon as I get this out of my system today.

Come on, what the hell? Tell your friends and if enough people throw in $5, this could actually happen. Make it viral. Some lucky Milwaukee artist could have a really good day in a couple of years if this all works out.