The Cultural Alliance will not date me without a chaperone

You may have read this comment on the my post titled Cultural Alliances...are they more than something you see on a fly ridden beach on reruns of "Survivor"?:

Jonathan, in light of all that you say here on your blog and the questions posed by your readers, I believe it is in the best interests of the cultural sector to have an open dialogue about the role and work of the Cultural Alliance rather than a private session between the two of us. That way the conversation will be transparent and available to all interested.

Therefore, I am posting two invitations to you and your readers. First, I would be happy to meet with anyone you choose to invite in a session at a location of your choice at a mutually agreed time. Second, I will extend an open invitation through your blog to our general listening session which will soon be scheduled for the latter half of October at Bucketworks.

Christine Harris
Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee

Damn. Artsy Schmartsy has been faced by the Cultural Alliance.

I guess being in the same room alone with me is a scary prospect. It's not the first time someone has felt this way, so I'm sure I can get over it.

I am curious to understand what "the best interests of the cultural sector" means, though. Please friends, I need some help. Let's push some more paper, shall we!

Anyone have a spot we can host this transparent conversation? I'm thinking we need two hours. I believe there are lots of questions Artsy Schmartsy readers have, and Christine has given an open invitation for a dialogue between her and youse all. And frankly I'm kind of excited to hear readers ask their own questions in their own full throated way. Should be probing and fun.

Shoot me an e-mail at if you want to donate your space for some cultural dialogue. We'll work on the time once the space question is handled.

And I'll be sure to post info about the general info session that Christine mentions at Bucketworks in October once that becomes available. For now, I'll cross out my Tuesday meeting with Christine Harris on the old day planner. Maybe I'll spend that time exploring the cultural sector. As soon as I figure out what that is, of course.