Me on a Jones Soda Bottle Label...duh!

Have you ever had a Jones Soda? Damn, they are good. Made with pure cane soda, too. None of that corn syrup. Just good teeth rotting sugar.

I want my Artsy Schmartsy eyes on their label. You can help.

Jones Soda prints labels with photos submitted by folks like me and you (well, okay, obsessive folks like me, I don't really know about you).

All I'm asking is for you kind readers to click through to Jones Soda and vote big.

I'm thinking it's a perfect 10.

Pleasing me with my eyeglasses on a soda bottle could be considered your good deed for the day.

Again, all you gotta do is go to Jones Soda and vote for the Artsy Schmartsy label.

Vote hard! Drink much!