Happy Halloween? Huh?

I will never, ever, ever understand why we here in Milwaukee Trick or Treat on a day that is not Halloween. Never. Ever.

I imagine the reason is that some kid got hit by a car or witch on a broom on Halloween one year, and the city council decided that it was safer for kids to Trick or Treat on a Sunday afternoon. And lamer.

Last night my kids and wife and I did the night time Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. Sure, better because it was darker, but still ridiculous that it wasn't on the actual, scare the bejesus out of your, devil worshipping day of blood curdling Halloween. Then, today, there was daytime Trick or Treating as a kind of sloppy second follow up to last night's candy grabbing. No one came to our house, so we threw the crappy candy that we had left from last night's scavenging in our trash.

We did however win most spirited family (of dorks) with out Family of Dora The Explorer outfits.

I'm telling you that my outfit would have absolutely been more slimming on October 31.