After a day at MKE Kre8 Kamp, before dinner...

More later, but for now, a few thoughts.

1. Not much artist representation here. Okay, barely any. Ug. I'm calling myself an artist today for the purposes of being an "artist" voice at the table.
2. So far, many of the same questions are being asked that have been asked at many similar meetings I've been to in the past. So far, there are not many new ideas floating around. So far there is a general, "Things are bad, we should do something attitude."
3. Social media is where it's at. We either get with it, or are rolled over by the train that is coming.
4. Chaos is needed. That's an important point that has been percolating today.
5. Things will not happen ever until one person, just one person, says, "Fuck it, let's do this thing."
6. I have had too much coffee to drink and too little peeing to follow that up.

So, I will pee, eat something and then synthesize more thoughts tonight. Tune in.