MKE Kre8 Kamp- we gotta change the name as we move forward, but we are moving forward

Simply and quickly...many things to say about what happened over two days in February 2009, but folks, Artsy's got a job now, and Artsy had to do a little work today. So look for more thoughts.

But to the doubters (and I had moments myself over those two days) I say: this can work in a way that other things haven't worked. The next part of this process is getting the artists involved. Cuz the group that was there the last couple of days all agree we need some good brains going forward. And the artists have the good brains.

The folks that were at Kre8 Kamp were a group of people who stepped forward. We can split hairs on how that group was determined, and anyone would admit that mistakes were made on that. So what? Now we go forward, and we will go forward. Of this I am certain.

You want an artist's voice in this process. Consider me willing to give one. Bring it on artsy's types. We're all gonna learn a lot from each other. And we are all gonna take credit some day for making Milwaukee and the region something that is the envy of all artists in America.

Yeah, I'm optimistic, but what the hell am I gonna do? Bitch all day? That just makes me loose hair and get fatter. And I don't need to get any uglier than I already am folks.