A perfect storm of artsiness

On Friday, the big old stimulating the economy bill was approved by the House and Senate with $50 Million in direct support for the National Endowment for the Arts somehow making its way in to the package. (Props to our man from WI, House Appropriations Chair David Obey leading the "arts deserve a little kick start funding, too" charge).

On Friday, MARN announced that they had hired Melissa Musante (a Renaissance woman, if there ever was one) to be its first full-time executive director. She replaces the interim director Melissa Dorn Richards, who must be applauded for her superb work and her fence mending. And she, of course, replaced the indomitable Mike Brenner, who is always to be applauded and often punched in the mouth, for all he has done for the arts in this area.

On Friday, we all kind of got excited about RedLine, a new project that will be an arts incubator housed in a huge old building on N. 4th Street. It's going to be a great place for artists to work in an affordable way and connect to the community.

And on Friday, I readied myself for a Sunday night invitation to a friend's house to engage in a salon reading of THE SEAGULL. Kind of like playing Victorian parlor games, with brownies as the bonus.

Friday the 13th, we love you. (By the by, I got married on Friday the 13th, and it's been bliss every moment since. My wife is laughing ironically reading this.)