The transparency of MKE Kre8 Kamp thanks to YouTube and some amateur videographers

One of the smart things that the organizers of MKE Kre8 Kamp did was to capture video or ever self-incriminating moment in which the participants said things that we should all be held accountable to on a daily basis. You can also see us all perform badly, which clearly shows that we're desperately in need of artists as we go forward in making this process work.

I'm urging you, if you have specific questions about the content that was discussed at MKE Kre8 Kamp (seriously, the absurdity of that name wounds me every time I write it--doubly so since I believe the work done there was such an important start to something really happening to help the arts and culture climate in our area) please go to the MKE Kre8 Kamp blog at (you've probably gone there already, because I've gone link crazy in this post).

I'm also posting a video of our final commitments from the conference. You can find it on the MKE Kre8 Kamp blog or at MKE Kre8 Kamp's YouTube area. I'm posting the video I mention here so you can take a quick peek into the commitments that this group of 42 citizens made to improve the arts, culture and creative life in the region. You'll see me saying, "I commit to telling the artistic community what the hell happened here and how they will be involved in the process as we go forward." I am committed to that. Passionately. I really believe in this process, despite its flaws, despite its initial missteps (more artists should have been at the conference, no doubt).

If you are an artist, and you are reading this, please make a commitment to tell other artists about this process. The best thing we can do now is to keep talking about it. Any talk. How you appreciate the efforts, how you're pissed off by what is happening, how you really don't understand how this is different from other impotent efforts in the past--all of this is vital to continuing action (not just talk, people, ACTION with a captial A for ass kicking). We will answer these questions. I promise to be your fact finder. You should also know that the group that convened has broken into seven different task forces. I am the main contact for the COMMUNICATION task force. So, let's do more of that--COMMUNICATE.

Watch, so you can hold us all accountable for more action. (And do visit the other places with video so you can hear and see actual comments and plans made by the participants.)