Two ways you can make me more decidely middle class

I don't need much. But, you know you need to buy my book coming out April 6.

You also know that you need to buy one, seven or 300 brand new Canon digital cameras.

I am an Affiliate. That means is you click through those above images, or the ones I always have on the sidebar of my blog, I get a kickback. It costs you NOTHING more than your purchase price. Do like friends of mine in Delaware did (Republicans, even---the smart, nice ones) and use my link to do all of your Christmas shopping and ordering for your business. They still get there stuff from Amazon in all those nice Amazon boxes, and I get a check. This is win-win people.

Thanks for your patronage of Amazon and our collective ability to drive away all the local small businesses of the world. Okay, I feel a little dirty, but Amazon is still kind of cool.