It's my blog, I can shamlessly promote

Okay, I'm fessing up. I have a real job now as the Managing Director of The Sunset Playhouse, the best community theater in the universe. I would even say that if they weren't paying me. I have about 20 years of history with this place as an actor, director, and now administrator. It has been, and continues to be, a superb place for people to come and play.

A few weeks back, an idea was hatched. We are just about to announce the line up of plays for our 50th Anniversary Season. It's a winner, with some really fun surprises. An idea that I liked was to have a party to celebrate our announcement and invite a bunch of people to The Playhouse to party away. My staff scoffed at my suggestion that we would attract 200+ people for such a party. They were such doubters that I told them that if we got my 200+ people to come to a party at The Playhouse on April 6th, they would be buying me lunch.

We have a little over 150 RSVP's right now, and we're still a week and a half out from party time. I'm fine with having 400+ people, so I'm throwing the invite out to you all today. I promise, it's going to be a good party. And I also promise that if the staff ends up taking me to lunch, they're getting dressed up and submitting to all my culinary whims.

Here's the details:

You're invited to The Sunset Playhouse's 50th Anniversary Season Preview Party!

Monday April 6th

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM

What: It's a big party to celebrate the announcement of our 50th Anniversary Season. We'll have free food, drink, and great entertainment!


What do you need to do? RSVP to

Help me out. I want my free lunch.