A lesson in civics and how it can help Janet Zweig's art project

We elected these officials, now it's time for us to mobilize and give them some positive words about the Janet Zweig public art project.

The Aldermen on the Common Council's Public Works Committee are a group of five people. A couple of them support the project (Bob Bauman in particular who went off script at this morning's Downtown Achievement Awards Breakfast to tell the large group of business leaders to contact their Alderman to urge them to support the project), a few of them are so far away from understanding this that they may never be swayed, and then there are some who haven't shown their hand yet. This is why it's time to talk to all the Aldermen (and women) about their need to support this important project.

This is the math part of politics. Counting votes. Yeah, math! Think of it like role playing, WEST WING-style.

The full Common Council will vote on the project on April 14. 8 of 15 Council members need to vote in favor of the project. This is why urging your own individual friendly neighborhood Alderman is crucial.

Here's the numbers break down:

Council Members firmly in support of Janet Zweig's art project (3):

Give them props and praise!

Bob Baumann (District 4): rjbauma@milwaukee.gov
Nic Kovac (District 3): nkovac@milwaukee.gov
Michael Murphy (District 10): mmurph@milwaukee.gov

Council Members Probably Not Gonna Budge too Much on this one (3):

But you can still give them a nice note encouraging them to see the light!

Bob Donovan (District 8): rdonov@milwaukee.gov
Joe Dudzik (District 11): jdudzi@milwaukee.gov
Willie Wade (District 7): wwade@milwaukee.gov

Council Members who need to be in favor of this thing right now (9):

It's time to write that grand and eloquent persuasive letter you've been dreaming about!

Milele Coggs (District 6): mcoggs@milwaukee.gov
Joe Davis (District 2): jldavis@milwaukee.gov
Jim Bohl (District 5): jbohl@milwaukee.gov
Ashanti Hamilton (District 1): ahamil@milwaukee.gov
Willie Hines, Jr. (District 15 and Council Prez): whines@milwaukee.gov
Robert Puente (District 9): rpuent@milwaukee.gov
Jim Witowiak (District 12): jwitko@milwaukee.gov
Terry Witkowski (District 13): twitko@milwaukee.gov
Tony Zielinski (District 14): tzieli@milwaukee.gov

It takes about ten minutes to write a letter. It will probably take you ten more minutes to e-mail all these Council members. These 20 minutes well spent will, I believe, result in endless hours of joy experiencing Janet Zweig's project and celebrating the fact that you actually do live in a kick ass city.