Liar, liar. That's me!

Today I was kind of called a liar. Kind of because it was an unattributed source on Daniel Goldin's blog for Boswell Book Company.

Seems a nice lady came into the shop and complained to him about my book "Milwaukee's Live Theater." I take it from the blog post that Daniel put up today that the nice lady thinks I'm a boob. She's pointed out some inaccuracies in my book to Daniel. Daniel wrote about the encounter on his blog (which you can go to by clicking the many link trails I've peppered into this paragraph), but didn't mention what the lady takes issue with vis a vis my book. I'll just assume it's everything, right down to the spelling of my own name.

I'm not gonna deny the lady her day. I have also found a couple of mistakes since the book's publication. I wish i could go back and tinker with just one or two things. Nothing glaring, just a little more support and explanation.

Well, I'll put the lady who thinks I'm a pathological slob at ease in case she's worried that I'm the literary equivalent of Wikipedia's explanation of the Franco-Prussian War (I think they claim something about a dispute over salad dressing--oh, look at that, there I go lying again). I'm pretty sure that my future as a writer has little to do with the absolute truth. My goal for getting this book published was to create as thorough of a story on the history of live theater in Milwaukee as 222 pictures and 18,000 words allowed (Arcadia Publishing has it down to a science folks.) I also had an ulterior motive: to just be published. I hope to be published again someday, but perhaps the next book while be based on a collection of half truths and personal exaggerations of real life stories sort of like the ones all the super successful writers we all know and love put out for us all to lap up and enjoy. And hopefully the next one will be funnier than my first because, let's face it, lying through your teeth is a scream.

This is also a reminder to come to Boswell Book Company next Wednesday at 7pm to hear me talk about the history of live theater in Milwaukee. You may use the occasion to hang on my every word or heckle me mercilessly for my shoddy research and demented distortion on how things meant down drama wise in old Milwaukee town. Here's the low down:

Jonathan West Speaks (or lies, depending upon how you look at it) About "Milwaukee's Live Theater History"
When: 7pm on Wednesday, June 3
Where: Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer Avenue at Webster Place