An invitation for some positive Friday morning breaksfast vibes

This has nothing to do with The Skylight...honest. Well, a little, but it speaks more to the greater good--doing the right thing.

Hope you can make it on Friday...
Dear Artists and Art Lovers,
Recent events in our performing arts community have sparked a lot of lively dialogue. This dialogue has most chiefly been had on blogs, facebook, thru email and the telephone. As a community, let’s try and sit down face to face more regularly. An excellent idea has been proposed: a breakfast club. This summer, let’s meet once a week and talk about art in this city. No specific agenda beyond brainstorming how we can all do more to support each other and support our art in these difficult times. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part: all artists—actors, singers, dancers, musicians, designers, directors, choreographers, also patrons, donors, board members and even critics. Anyone who cares about art in Milwaukee. Please come.
Breakfast #1
Friday, June 26th
8:00 am
Catalano Park, the fountain just south of the Broadway Theatre Center
BYOB: Bring your own breakfast
If you come:
Please bring along a canned good and we’ll make a trip to a food bank on the way home.
If you’d like, also bring a broom. The Skylight recently had to fire a janitor. Let’s pitch in and sweep the sidewalk for them after breakfast.

Hope to see you Friday morning!