Some more from someone kind of excited about change at Skylight

I hope we all come to feel the same way Heidi Mains does. This was a message I got from Heidi via Facebook:

Heidi Mains
Although the current changes seem drastic, & come as quite a shock, I really encourage all of you to dive into the next season & support "our" Skylight Opera Theater! Give them a chance with this plan... They do have a goal & mission, & it's a smart strategy.... Putting Community development & outreach first!... Which is always a good thing! :-)
I know this because I met with them last week, and learned of their mission. Their newer team, led by Eric, is focused, and motivated!
If we're looking for them to succeed in our community, we should give them a chance.

Here's my response:

Jonathan West
Heidi, this sounds great. Can we get more details? That's really what we're asking for. The communication of this change might simply be what is the error. Perhaps it is a great plan, but we're all left to speculate without any concrete inspiring thoughts to let us buy into this vision that you seem to be very excited about. I think we are all looking to possess the same enthusiasm that you so eloquently have suggested might be working in the background right now.