What does Artsy Schmartsy really believe? Here's the unpopular truth.

What I believe
by Artsy Schmartsy

I believe...
  1. ...that summer is better than winter.
  2. ...that the current Managing Director of The Skylight and the Executive Committee of The Skylight should resign due to the negative effects of an intensely miscalculated announcement of a management restructuring that has turned into a public relations disaster. They are not bad people. They are, in fact, good people. They are well intentioned and tried to solve a problem. I think their decision might be right, but the handling of it was so wrong and their silence regarding the public outcry promotes an arrogance that I simply cannot support as a quality of an effective leadership team.
  3. ...that The Skylight needs a huge management shake up, and this means that personal friends of mine will be faced with difficult decisions and I don't like anymore than anyone, but I know it's what's needed for the good of this community jewel.
  4. ...that there is no better food than pizza.
  5. ...that anyone, anytime can call me on my shit.
  6. ...that women are always smarter than men.
That's it. Thanks for listening.