My Daughters learn a thing or two about picketing at the Skylight Protest at the 411 Building (it ain't the last, folks)

Today, my daughters had their first venture into civil protest.

That's Dorothea in front. Carmela is pretty loud, so I imagine she was screaming somewhere (I regret to say I had to work and couldn't join my daughters in their first foray into public dissent.)

It seems fitting that Dorothea and Carmela were standing in front of the 411 Building protesting the Skylight's recent decision to eradicate their artistic integrity and hide behind a veil of nasty numbers as explanation for their short sighted action for many, many reasons.

First, and foremost, I met Dorothea and Carmela's mother at The Skylight when she directed me in a musical. Without that, no Dorothea, no Carmela.

Then, of course, there was the wedding that Dorothea's and Carmela's parents had in the Skylight bar with 200 or so of our closest friends and the Latin jazz band.

Also, we got a Baby Bjorn at a babyshower that we had at The Skylight thrown by our Skylight friends that both Dorothea and Carmela snuggled in, sometimes while their mother was directing an opera at The Skylight.

It made sense that these tikes were protesting in front of the 411 building along with other peaceful protesters because several floors above Skylight Board members were meeting today in the offices of Dorothea's Godfather, who I might add along with her Godmother has been kind to the little lady on birthdays and special events, admirably filling the role of Godparents.

Finally, it was fitting that my seven-year-old daughter and my three-year-old daughter protested for artistic integrity to be restored to The Skylight because they have a collective wisdom in their 10 years of life that allows them to know when something is just not right. These girls called it. The biz at Skylight still stinks, and I'm certain that if things don't change, we're going to be driving the ladies to fewer swim lessons and dance classes and many more sing-a-long protests like these.