This was supposed to be my vacation week

I really can't believe that in the last post I left, I thought I was being cute spelling out F-U-C-K-E-R.

Okay, so I'm supposed to be on vacation. I'm supposed to be sitting at the beach, eating ice cream for breakfast and reading trashy novels.

But I'm hearing stories like the following one.

Last Friday, a group of arts loving citizens met in Catalano Square just South of the Broadway Theater Center to discuss loving art and discussing ways that arts lovers can be advocates for change. And, sure, we talked about Skylight Opera Theatre.

There were actors, directors, visual artists, patrons, and even an Artistic Director in attendance. Our common bond was simply that we love art.

Bagels were served. Bagels that were provided by Pam Kriger, who is slated to direct A DAY IN HOLLYWOOD, A NIGHT IN THE UKRAINE at The Skylight next year. Pam is also on something called The Board of Advocates at The Skylight which is basically a do-gooder group. Pam also helped pay for the Skylight's new roof.

We very peacfully met, made some nice introductions and cleaned up after ourselves. We'll meet again next Friday, July 10 at 8am in Catalano Square, and if you love art and are in Milwaukee I urge you to attend.

I learned that after this hearts and flowers art lovers meeting that Pam Kriger ran into a Skylight staffer in the Broadway Theater Center who told her that the management had told the staff that they had heard about this subversive meeting in the park and that staff should enter the building from the back or not come in at alive if they were scared for their safety.

We ate bagels.

Bagels provided by one of the directors in the Skylight's upcoming season.

We all talked about how we love art.

Scary? Only if you don't like salmon spread and art.

Oh, and by the way, Pam, the woman who did help pay for the Skylight's new roof, and who is also supposed to direct for the Skylight next season, had not had any of her numerous calls returned that she had placed to Eric Dillner. A superb way to treat a donor and employee, right?

And this is why I am not really fully away on vacation.

Sheesh. I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I was simply drinking an umbrella drink and wearing a funny shirt.