Stimulus money awards for arts groups fearing downsizing in WI

Today, there was an announcement about awards given to Wisconsin arts groups through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Huzzah to the winners.

The Business Journal mentions that our own Governor Jim Doyle believes "the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds will be used to support arts programs throughout the state by funding artistic directors, gallery curators, volunteer coordinators, artists and directors of education. The grants preserve a total of 28 positions."

(Take away whatever you want from my font bolding and bigging.)

Here are the winning organizations and their award amounts:
  • Walker's Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee $15,000
  • DanceCircus Ltd., Milwaukee: $10,000
  • Theatre Gigante Inc., Milwaukee: $15,000
  • Kanopy Dance Theatre Inc., Madison: $25,000
  • Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, Milwaukee: $15,000
  • James Watrous Gallery, WASAL, Madison: $25,000
  • Madison Ballet, Madison: $25,000
  • Madison Creative Arts Program Inc., Madison: $10,000
  • American Players Theater, Spring Green: $15,000
  • Folklore Village, Dodgeville: $25,000
  • Kids from Wisconsin, Milwaukee: $10,000
  • Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend: $25,000
  • South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, South Milwaukee: $25,000
  • Festival Choir of Madison, Madison: $15,000
  • Musical Offering Ltd., Wauwatosa: $10,000
  • Florentine Opera Company, Milwaukee: $25,000
  • Francis Hardy Gallery Inc. of Door County, Ephraim: $20,000
  • Milwaukee Children's Choir, Milwaukee: $8,500.

Super duper all of you troupers.

I notice that Kids from Wisconsin are on this list.

Hmmm, says I.

I recall recently standing in a park where a certain Managing Director of a certain opera/musical theater company in town recently told a group of artists that a replacement for one of the many artists who had withdrawn from the upcoming season at a certain opera/musical theater company in town because of outrage over the elimination of the the artistic staff of said opera/musical theater company because of the perils of the economy is a former Kid from Wisconsin.

Those Kids from Wisconsin are good at everything it seems.

Congrats to everyone on this list, and good luck to everyone who applied and didn't get funding. Keep fighting the good fight everyone.