Mark Clements likes musicals and so do I!

You've heard about this from other sources, right? Mark Clements is the new Artistic Director of Milwaukee Rep! (Exclamation points are necessary with the announcement of new hired or newly fired Artistic Directors in Milwaukee, I've come to learn.)

Here is Mark Clements:

No, that's not Joe Hanreddy with a couple of extra inches of hair and a leather jacket (nice, Mark Clements, nice), but they could play brothers in some television sitcom about Artistic Directors of regional theater companies kind of like Slings and Arrows (which would never get made in the United States, so we'll simply have to dream about that at this point.)

There's also a video available of Mark Clements speaking. Here that is:

Here's a few things I can tell about Mark Clements right now:

  1. Mark Clements wants to give 100% (he says that in the video)
  2. Mark Clements really likes this place (he also says that in the video)
  3. Mark Clements knows how to ride a Harley (he does not say that in the video, but I did read it in a press release and I tend to believe those things)
  4. Mark Clements has great hair (Have you seen the video? Mark Clements DOES have great hair.)
But the big thing that I have learned about Mark Clements in the 37 seconds it took me to Google his name and find his website at, is that MARK CLEMENTS LOVES MUSICALS!


Okay, slow down Jonathan, I need to get to know Mark Clements and his fabulous hair and musical theatre tastes, but I'm fairly interested in the fact that everywhere Mark Clements goes musical theatre follows.


Could the future of Milwaukee theatre being getting a little bit more of a back beat with Mark Clements coming in to helm Milwaukee Rep? Time will only tell, but for now Mark Clements must finish directing OLIVER! in Philly before we all start to find out what Mark Clements is going to do as the Artistic Director of Wisconsin's biggest theatre company.

Welcome aboard Mark Clements. I suggest Groom for Men on St. Paul for all your haircut needs. I'm told they'll give you a beer with your trim. Mark Clements looks like he might enjoy himself a beer or two.