Easter Reflection, The Restart

Five years ago, my life changed pretty dramatically when I decided to stop being such a jerk and start giving my life a little moral center. For me that meant becoming Catholic. I've questioned that decision everyday since as all my moral guides in the process said I would, but still I have the root of something to believe in (forgiveness and love are pretty good things I think) when I even consider doing the dumb things I used to do when I was fairly much of a dumb ass jerk.

I'm not gonna get into the messy details of what it was I used to do the made me such a bone head right now. Don't worry, though, I'm actually working a book now about some of that, and you'll hopefully someday be able to pay good money to learn about all the dirty things I've done.

But Easter has been a pretty reflective time for me ever since I ate the wafer and drank the wine five years ago. More than anything, it's a time to reflect on what has been and what may be.

I've not written a lot on this blog in the past months because I frankly I felt I had run out of things to say. There were dramas in Milwaukee relating to the theatre world that had seemed to have muted, the world was seeming to right itself in terms of the economy improving and the possibility of health reform happening, and I had the inclination to learn how to play the ukulele, Rex Winsome had decided to move to Philadelphia. Everything seemed to be getting into its proper place.

But, I have to admit, I kind of miss the action, and as I've been at rest, I've realized there are still things that are driving me nuts. Things I hope to have a dialogue with you all online.

So, I've been plotting a couple of things. And for those of you how have known me from my days as the Artistic Director of Bialystock & Bloom, here's a little teaser: BIALYSTOCK & BLOOM RETURNS SOON! (Kind of, with a new name, but the same 'tude, and a different approach, so I'm actually sort of lying to you, but I can seek forgiveness for that because as you all now know I'm Catholic)

The good Catholics out there will know (or the bad ones like me) that the time after the day we search for colored eggs and cram our mouths with jelly beans and ham is actually called The Easter Season. It's that time in the liturgical sense when everyone who had gone through that whole drama with the Jesus kid looked around and said, "Holy shit. Now what?"

That's what the Easter Season means for me this year.

"Holy shit."--I have an idea.

"Now what?"--I hope you can join me on the next big ride.

More musings, more announcements, more fun and games, and more trying to save the world from crummy ideas (well, maybe actually creating a couple of crummy ideas in the face of fighting that fight, too) are to come right here at Artsy Schmartsy. Thanks for sticking with me. I think we've got good stuff to do together real soon.