Modern Romance

Here is the view from my bedroom.  Hot, right?

This is the eve of the Spring election in Wisconsin and my wife and I have decided to head to the sack for the night.  With our laptops, of course.

Isn't my bride a hottie?  That's her behind the laptop...I'm sure you can see her, right?

It's true that in my house over the past few months, things have gotten really steamy.  Hot.  Turgid.

We've become political junkies, and the picture of our boudoir is one that has become fairly regular.  Hot.  Let me repeat, hot. (Laptops really do get warm.)

I'm contemplative now as I watch our new County Executive Chris Abele give his victory speech.  I am considering something that Chris told me time and time again as he advised me as a former Board member and major contributor to my late great theatre company Bialystock & Bloom:  UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER (I might not have listened as soundly as I should have or it might not have been a former, okay).  I wish anyone who chooses to become a public servant (and that's what I think Chris has just officially become tonight) a great deal of good vibes.  Speaking as a public person to our public servants we all have put our faith in to lead, I hope all our winners tonight do that UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER kind of thing in a big way.  Dazzle me with surprises.

Also, I think it is important to acknowledge that our new County Executive has really well made suits and will look great shaking Lee Holloway's hand.

As for the hottness in my bedroom, there is a lot of clicking and clacking going on.  I just got to scratch my wife's back, so that's kind of cool, but the discovery of Twitter from my better half has ratcheted up the romance in ways I had never considered when we tied the knot.  160 characters at a time, of course.