What have we learned today?

First, I look great in a dress.

That's me as Edna in HAIRSPRAY with the marvelous kids of Pius XI High School.  I am so grateful that they hired an Equity Union Thug Actor like me to play along in their super talented playground.

That's one thing you can all say you learned today.  Congratulations.  Knowledge is good.

Another thing you learned today is that if you somehow misplace 14,000 votes in a contentious election during a historic period in your state's history it's best to say, "Ooops!  Sorry!"

Chalk that up to another lesson learned.

Along those lines it's best to make that missing vote mistake in a county that favors the person who benefits from the late discovery of your mix up because you're in an elected position so that means you might get some heat when you go on television to apologize but you'll still have a job the next morning because the good people of your community elected you into your position and so you will be around for a while more at least.

Lesson numero sixteen or seventeen (I've lost track) is that the fact that the Federal government very possibly might be shut down in 24 hours is not the lead story in your community when those 14,000 votes pop up out of the blue.

That's an important lesson, indeed.  Oh, and another bit of learning in the air is that some people love Planned Parnethood and other people don't and sometimes that is enough to possibly shut down the Federal government.

Perhaps the most important lesson of the day, however, is to always take a sweater with you when you leave home during April in Wisconsin.  It might be the only thing that we all can agree upon.  That and the fact that I am a sweet piece of ass as a lady.