The return

Tomorrow I turn 42.

42 is one of those birthdays you really need to be reminded about.  Up to a few days ago, I had simply forgotten that it was time to have another birthday.  This is one of the key reasons a fellow has a they can remind you that you'll be getting cake and that you're not getting any younger.

As I reflect upon my 41st year, I can't help but look back on the last 365 days with a bit of ennui.  As I look at this blog, and it's former activity, I know where a lot of that ennui comes from.

I used to write.  I used to follow through on writing.  During my 41st year, I did a lot of talking about how I wanted to write more, but when I think about the past year, I think about a lot of talk without walking the talk.  41 was a year that I chalk up to learning that follow through has not been my strong suit.

I'm taking a small step today because I'd like to get back into the writing habit.  Showoff that I am, I need to talk about that publicly, so if anyone does come across this blog, please look at me and validate my writing existence.

I've set a little challenge for myself this year, and I'm asking anyone within reading distance of Artsy Schmartsy to help me stay honest on this one.  I've vowed to do at least one piece of writing for the next 365 days, and I've chosen the sweetest, most intimate bit of writing I can think of:  the handwritten note.

Looking back at 41 I also realized that too much of 41 was spent with my face in a screen.  Too often I found the excuse, "I'm too busy to write!" getting in my way while I had plenty of time to explore the innermost crevices of Facebook.  Facebook crevices are dirty, I tell you, dirty.  That all changes now (Well, it did on September 1 when I started this actually.)

I chose the handwritten note because it's easy.  No fuss, no muss, and I can do it anywhere on any piece of paper.  I also know that my daughters like getting mail, so for at least two days my writing will make someone happy.

Here's how you can help me with my 365 days writing challenge:  Ask me to write you a note! 

I'm asking you to simply send me an e-mail to with your name and address.  I'll then put you down for a note.  I'll warn you now, I'll be asking you to write me back.  Face it, everyone likes to get a note.

42...we're gonna get real.