Another white guy doesn't like an art form...and why we shouldn't shut down the nation

NPR host.  Sex symbol to women I admire.

Shakespeare hater.  


If a bear does his business in the woods is it worse than the free-range chicken you’re raising in your backyard drinking your last bottle of sauvignon blanc?

If you can throw in on that one, perhaps you can take a stab at this one.

What’s more soul crushing:

Dave and Carole (and the other guy they have on there show…sorry, Istill don’t know his name)

saying they think opera is boring, or

Ira Glass saying that he isn’t moved by Shakespeare


It seems to be the golden age of radio hosts talking and tweeting things that would never secure their spot on the National Arts Cheerleading team.

To bring you up to speed…Ira Glass (“This American Life” host, and fellow white guy with big glasses) went to a performance of KING LEAR over the weekend and tweeted that

he thought maybe Shakespeare sucks


He liked John Lithgow who played Lear, but that doesn’t really count—who doesn’t like John Lithgow?

What an interesting dilemma.

It’s like Elizabeth Warren just said, “I don’t like puppies!” and moments later, Rand Paul says, “I don’t like fluffy puppies!”

Who do you call an idiot on this one—the one you always think is an idiot, or the one you never think is an idiot?

Sometimes you get slapped in both cheeks. Dave and Carole talking smack about opera and the arts was a slap that caused a lot of us to gnash our teeth and find solace in the comfort of NPR and a broadcast plan that doesn’t involve hourly airing of Springsteen’s sell out period.

Ira Glass getting down on Shakespeare qualifies as the slap a lot of people who claim to read

The New Yorker

from cover to cover every week never saw coming.

I’m not going to defend opera or Shakespeare…I live in a house where my 11-year-old willingly watched a 6-hour German opera, and my 8-year-old has seen more live productions of Shakespeare than I did by the time I could buy beer.

You know where I swing.

What does this all mean, really?

Ira Glass doesn’t like Shakespeare—it ain’t the end of the world.

Dave and Carole don’t like opera—opera will live.

It’s hard to be indignant over public figures having opinions over something they don’t hang their shingle on when they themselves aren’t really being indignant.

Now if I find out Ira Glass doesn’t like cheeseburgers…that’s a whole other story.